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May 19, 2011
East bay (bay area) CA
has anyone converted interior to black or seen anyone who has in an FJ60/62? curious now that i am doing a major interior overhaul.
Im doing a black interior. Black on red musclecar theme.

Definately wont be "dying" my interior if that's even possible.

Im doing black leather seats, black rubber mat flooring, re-spray the dash and all trim, new custom door panels and headliner.

Should look very modern and fresh when done.

So far, only thing done is door panels with custom fiberglassed speaker panels (6.5" componenets)


dbleon I like your door panel. Be sure to post some photos of the finished product, its gonna look nice!
That looks great
dbleon I like your door panel. Be sure to post some photos of the finished product, its gonna look nice!

I will! once I get the heart transplant done, the interior is next.

That looks great

Thank you. I love working with fiberglass one of my favorite materials.

The paint under the "armrest" area was immaculate and beautiful, I couldnt resist. Thats how FJ55 panels are done under that lip. I like that look.
Dbleon - love the speaker like that. Looks like a pioneer (i have the 6.75 720's - not in 60).

any build up on the panel you can share?

Thanks. Its actually a Cadence CWM6. They dont make them anymore, but its a sweeet component set.

Sorry I dont have any build pictures. But when I do the back doors, I'll be sure to do a build for everyone.

I am diving in and converting to black as we speak. So far the Duplicolor vinyl die that i have tested out on my old junk door panels and center consol came out well. I have also started painting the lower metal dash board.
rear door panels converted to black

rear door panels converted to black, and they look great if you ask me.
Only black interior I had was my vw scirocco of the 1980s. Holy crap that thing was a oven!! On one of the hottest days in new Mexico, I stepped into my car and jumped out in scorching pain!! I looked at the interior thermostat and it said 160F ! WOW. The radar detector mount melted to the windshield. So black is out for me!
I tore out my carpet and rolled it with black Hurculiner. Hot, hot, hot!

sorry for the glare, dont know what do about that with phone pics. Anyway the dash pad is now black, lower dash satin black, kick panels, and door panals are now blacked out. love the way it turned out, now i need carpet and new seats. I have a line on some free 4runner leather seats that are tan. so i am wondering how tan seats will look in the black interior. Still wondering what to do with my carpet options, but now have sound proffing down on the floor boards as well.

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