Bj70 bumpsteer issues

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Apr 8, 2013
Hi i have recently installed a 2 inch lift kit to my bj70 has all new tierods and leaf bushes with standard length shackles.

The issue i face it the the steering requires constant correction one small uneven bit of road and the car becomes unstable and needs correction.

When going over bumps it also wants to steer away from you.

I have gotten a wheel alignment after all the new parts i will post it up.

Also the drag link angle does not look excessive.

From the wheel alignment sheet i seem to have negative caster? Do i need to increase this to the positive range? By how much if this is the issue.


No caster shims?
My 74 has Emu mediums with an added leaf all around. 2 degree caster shims and a drop pitman arm from a 60 series. No real bump steer to speak of.
I find a drop pitman arm makes a big difference on lifted trucks. Its amazing how the different angles between things can have an influence. Start with the pitman arm.
Ok so i have added 3 degree castor wedges was going to get 2 degree but they were all cast alloy and i wanted steel and thats all they had.

The car is perfect now it can drive straight with no bump steer and continoual correction definitely feels alot safer to drive now.

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