BJ42RV-MCQ specs?

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Jul 4, 2010
Brisbane, Australia
Hi folks,

I'm trying to find out if the later model Australian BJ42 non-LX models were delivered without P/S or front discs. As far as I was aware (limited awareness for sure) I thought that all the later BJ42 models came with discs (?) and sometimes without P/S. If anyone can definitively say what an 84 model BJ42RV-MCQ should have that would be very helpful.

BJ42 power steering and discs.

Hi Baas
I have a late model BJ42RV-MCQ-LX which comes with the PS and front discs I would assume the RV and LV would come with front discs only.
I'm pretty sure front disks were standard on the 42 and maybe even P/S. From what I understand the extras that came with the LX where 5 speed, aircon, 6 seats and the most important thing, 3 wipers.
I'm pretty sure front disks were standard on the 42 and maybe even P/S......


An early BJ42 would have neither of these.

i have an 83 BJ42 with PS but drums all around and 4 speed.
every market seemed to see its own spec units.
Canadian ones had the PS, disc and 5 speed.
some JDM had PS, AC, drums and 4 speed

i thought almost all Oz 40s had drums??
Your spot on Tom, I stand corrected. I assumed when they changed to the split type transfer case and "self adjusting" rear brakes that they changed to discs at the front too, not so but.

It seems there is an early and late model that changes at 09/82. the early model has drums and the 4 speed, the late model got discs and the 5 speed(even the base not just the LX). P/S seems optional across all models so that will come down to the individual rig.

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