BJ42 refurbisment

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Feb 10, 2004
Derwent Alberta
the goal is to refurbish the 42 into a more capable and reliable DD for the customer.
the truck has a gozzard tub, hard top sides and windshield and will be fitted with new gozzard doors and hood.
the engine compression test was very acceptable.
new clutch a couple years back
decent tires

the frame has rot so we will need to concentrate there.
the body was fitted poorly years back so will be reinstalled properly
a turbo will be added with gauges and 2.5 in steel exhaust with a quiet steel muffler
a new bumper and grill guard from Manafee will be added as well as a used 8274
hoses will be replaced and the rad recored
PS will be added
the interior will stay mostly the way it is.
the roll cage will be tweaked and painted
the body painted
the frame and axles and springs will be sand blasted and Powder coated

we are using the diesel42 turbo system on this one

i didn't get any pics of the complete truck and the doors, hood, hardtop sides etc were already dropped at Mike Gozzards shop for him to work his magic.
so the pics start after we brought the tub back home to be removed...
<if the owner wants he can post up pics of the truck as it showed up here>
interior and blower 002.jpg
interior and blower 003.jpg
interior and blower 007.jpg
removal of the dash cover
removal of the items below
loaded and ready for shippng back to Gozzard
interior and blower 009.jpg
interior and blower 011.jpg
interior and blower 012.jpg
test fitting the turbo
oil passages need clocking
the clocked center section
june 2012 009.jpg
june 2012 010.jpg
june 2012 012.jpg
one of the more frustrating parts of the kit was the missing exhaust flange ... if you live in the rurals trying to find the proper fitting adapter is difficult to say the least.
for the $10 piece it would be a nice addition to the kit. once we found one that was close we still needed to ream it out to fit over the 3.5" ehaust stub.
the inlet now needed clocking
you can see once the inlet is clocked correctly the waste gate hose is now too short...
june 2012 013.jpg
june 2012 014.jpg
june 2012 015.jpg
i added a 45 to the turbo end of the hose and will replace the rubber 90 with a brass one once i get it.
i pulled the oil feed from the rear of the block
june 2012 017.jpg
june 2012 019.jpg
june 2012 020.jpg
i have found the NPT thread diameter to be slightly larger than the Japanese thread diameter so i run the tap in to open the port up slightly.
i put grease on the tap to trap the fillings and check often for contamination. in and out and in and out a whee bit at a time.
the fitting installed.
june 2012 021.jpg
june 2012 027.jpg
june 2012 030.jpg
next up is the return spigot into the pan.
mark, making sure you allow for oil level, pan bolts, oil filter, blow by tube, engine mount, rotating conrods and oil pickup tube mounting. you MUST have a free flow for the oil to return since it is gravity fed and not pressure fed.
insert spigot
braze and make sure no leaks ...
june 2012 023.jpg
june 2012 026.jpg
june 2012 029.jpg
the manifold painted with high heat black
once we found the flange, reamed it out to fit and had a piece flared to fit over the raised step we painted it black as well.
the pyro will be fitted to the manifold.
the turbo kit.

there were issues with the kit:
there were 4 boxes that were sent, it took over 6 weeks for them all to arrive
the exhaust manifold gasket was missing
the 2 longer exhaust manifold bolts were missing
the adapter between the manifold and the turbo had studs too large for the turbo recieving holes making drilling the turbo out to fit.
the exhaust manifold bolt holes were wrong pitch for bolts supplied
no instructions were included
no cross over pipe was included
no ducting from the air box to the turbo
the boost line was too short
no flange for the turbo to exhaust pipe
no bolts for the flange

all in all, i am unimpressed with the "kit". i do hope the performance is as suggested.

to be fair, most of these issues are not Diesel42's fault. the shipping was screwed up by the sub-suppliers. s*** happens.

i have made some suggestions to Keith as to how to make the kit more user friendly, it is up to him whether it will happen or not.
june 2012 030.jpg
june 2012 031.jpg
june 2012 049.jpg
next there was an oil seep from the front and the back of the head gasket area that needed addressing.
removal of the head.
the pic of the pushrod didn't turn out the way i wanted but it had some caked on crud on the lifter end and the way the oil came out i am doubting the frequency of the oil changes.
this "orange slug" was in the water passage when the head came off ...:eek:
june 2012 033.jpg
june 2012 036.jpg
june 2012 039.jpg
another pic of the orange slug
stop leak was used at some time during the engines life
the head itself is in excellent shape although all 4 prechambers have some decent cracking and will be replaced.

the parts for this refurbishing are coming from Radd Cruisers in Duncan BC. I switched to using John and Rob (and Jeff) at the beginning of the troopie build and have been treated very well. The shipping is a bit more than from Edmonton but i have found the knowledge and the prices to be much better and easily make up for the increase in shipping costs. I would recommend that if you have a diesel or a JDM, you will be hard pressed to find a better outfit to support.
june 2012 040.jpg
june 2012 041.jpg
june 2012 044.jpg
I think that oil feed line is BPT, I remember years back when I ran a tap through mine someone saying that. I don't know for sure if it's fact!

I will be following this build!

an interesting find, i have never seen these on an engine before :hmm:
testing the bumper for fit, once the PC is applied to the frame i would be depressed to have to modify it.
june 2012 058.jpg
june 2012 066.jpg
june 2012 067.jpg
seperating the tranny from the engine
no unusual wear on the pressure plate
no wear on the imput shaft and the release bearing looks and spins fine
now off to get the tranny section degreased and painted
june 2012 060.jpg
june 2012 061.jpg
june 2012 062.jpg
got this made:
very pro job ...
$60 and a big step above the flange and bent tube
adapter small.jpg

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