Wanted BJ40 Battery Bracket Front Right w Battery Tray

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Aug 30, 2007
NB, Canada
United States
Looking for the front right BJ40 or BJ42 battery bracket that mounts to the frame. Also need the battery tray. Willing to entertain offers of one or both items.
Prices shipped to 04730.
No, because I have a 2H in my 40 and the 2H air cleaner is going on the right in front of the cabin air blower. I need to move the battery forward and above the shock tower. Exactly what the 24v bracket will do.
On the other side of the engine I am reserving space for a turbo and either onboard air or an alternator welder (in place of original 2H A/C location).
I already have an FJ bracket and would prefer to get the BJ bracket so I can put the racor diesel filter below the air cleaner and behind battery. It all works but is quite a puzzle.
Bump, Hoping to find one still.

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