better late than never... Logan's run video

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
Sorry guys, this is really late providing this video. I guess i had some technical difficulties because all i had on my camera when i got back was the first climb. Nothing after that.

Even got the "yea bro" in there from Beno!
Ive seen baby diapers that were not that slick...Nice video.
Reminds me a lot of GSMTR in '10 (I think that was the year). Thanks for posting the video, and for some good music :D
Nice Job!!
*Sigh* Alas. :steer:
Man, my truck really got beat up on that trip.


Great video and nice jams Alex.

Looking forward to this year's run!


Only in this trip???!!! :clap:
Damn. I almost had it! :bang:
Damn. I almost had it! :bang:

And by "it", I assume you mean another broken rear window? HEHEHE

Oh yeah, you almost made it up too :D

:beer: R
Yes....and Yes. :D
you're getting good at those wheelstands, Allen

He saved it like three or four times. It was remarcable the way he drove that thing.

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