Best seats to bolt in an 85' reg cab????

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i am going to put in a set of del sol seats in mine. they will require 2 modified brackets.

or you could use factory seats. you know the 4runners all had buckets. they will bolt in.

i have always wanted a steel tractor seat for my play truck.....

theres unused holes in my 89. it has a bench. the 85 probly has em too.
look and see. if it does, the seat will bolt up. if not, drill some holes!

Nope. No extra holes.
But they line up pretty darned closely with the seatbelt bolt on some trucks (1/8" off).

That said, I really like the 85-89 SR5 buckets. They seemed to change in 90 and were not as thick and supportive.
If you are over 5 feet tall and want to be comfortable in a regular cab make sure you find buckets with very thin backs to them. I had an 82 once that originally had vinyl buckets that I swapped out for CRX seats. I used the stock tracks and fabbed up some spacers to mount them. They worked out great. But the SR5 buckets from 84-94 are nice if you can find them. I have a set of these from an 84 in my 89. They are pretty much a bolt in deal, and they fit properly.
extra-cab and runner seats from 84-88 or so are much thicker than reg. cab seats. The reg cab seats have the same frame-work with a thinner padding set, different headrests and an additional rubber bumper on the back of the seat to keep the material from rubbing a cut where it rests on the rear of the cab interior. Much different. i didn't realize this until I sold my reg cab seats and moved my extra-cab seats in (after the guy drove off with my reg cab ones)... at 6' i lost 2" or more in leg room because of the additional thickness but they are much more comfy. Live and learn.

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