Bending new brake/clutch lines to firewall

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Sep 14, 2005
Russellville, Arkansas

I'm replacing the hard clutch fluid line and I'm trying to figure out how to bend the lines to fit the firewall with all the other stuff in the way. It was a PITA to get the old line out. So when I get the new straight tube, should I bend then install, likely a PITA, or do a small amount of bending and then do the final bending after the initial install? Probably a dumb question, but trying to save the PITA if at all possible. Thanks! ty

I usually bend off the truck cause getting the bender into place can be a pain. The clutch would not be too bad though.

if you can just lay out the old line as an example and bend away
remember you will get a little bit of spring back when you bend the line so go just a hair beyond where you think you need to

nothing to stop you from making it take a new route either, as long as you can secure it with clamps and keep it from heat, chafing and so on
I'm thinking of doing a few of the major bends, then the others when I have it in. It'd be pretty easy to do it high, and route it above the clutch master, but then bleeding could be a PITA.

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