Beautiful ebay PIG

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Nov 15, 2006
B.C. Canada.
United States
Another Wilburesque Pig:cool: No connection to the seller on my part;)

Holy low reserve! Looks like a complete restoration. Someone is gonna snap that up. Super deal! It's almost a what's the catch kinda thing.
wow. that is a nice one.
What's the emblem on the door....maybe used by law enforcement or as a county vehicle??
something about the polished vin tag and an undercarriage way to clean to be a 39 year old 63,000 mile truck throws me off.


Anybody know this vehicle? Kind of agree it looks almost too good to be true....
Wonder if it was a movie car? Looks way to clean to be un-restored.
It has CA plates but lives in OR?

Just changed the reserve. Now its not listed???
e-mailed the seller....

I e-mailed the seller asking for confirmation about whether it is in fact 100% original paint, questioned the shiny vin tag etc, and here is his response:

"This is original paint. I see your from back east where they use road salt. This thing has never seen road salt. The badges on the doors have been on the rig since new. It belonged to the livestock sheriff's patrol in yreka california. This is a very dry area"

He sent me some additional pics and the thing looks and sounds like the real deal. I think somebody has touched up a little under-coating in the wheelwells at some point (just my opinion, maybe not!?).......otherwise, this thing sounds and looks like the real thing......he sent me about 70 pics and they are VERY nice. May be one small ding in the pass side rear quarter in front of the bumper end but, that's all I could see.

no affiliation with the seller, etc, etc.....just interested in this rig because it is within a few numbers of my vin number and mine is the same color, etc. Someone is going to get a hell of a nice rig. I did not ask reserve, if someone finds out, that would be nice to know! Hope it goes to someone here.
Just spoke to the guy. He's relisting the 55 since it was accidentally listed in the FJ Cruiser section.

He also has 2 mint original condition FJ40's he's gonna list too. One has 19k original miles on it

Looks like the reserve is over 10,600.
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