For Sale Bay Area, CA: 80 Series grey leather seats, decent condition, working motors (1 Viewer)

Sep 19, 2020
Redwood City, California
Howdy again,

I got a set of some grey leather seats from my 80 I'd like to sell before I ruin them even more. I'll probably replace them with some Corbeau seats.

Drivers seat: Decent condition, some leather tearing and cracking. Front/Back motor kinda works, only one side of the track engages, Recliner and Lumbar both work great.
Passenger: Decent condition, front/back works, as well as the recliner

Not sure how much to price these at. They aren't in perfect shape, but I also can't seem to find them for sale anywhere so they've ought to be worth something to someone.

$$$ OBO? I won't sell them for $100.69 and I couldn't sell them for $1,000 so let me know what y'all think.

fj80 front seat driver.jpg

fj80 front seat driver 2.jpg

FJ80 front seat pass.jpg

fj80 front seat pass 2.jpg

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