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  1. R

    For Sale  Bay Area, CA: 80 Series grey leather seats, decent condition, working motors

    Howdy again, I got a set of some grey leather seats from my 80 I'd like to sell before I ruin them even more. I'll probably replace them with some Corbeau seats. Drivers seat: Decent condition, some leather tearing and cracking. Front/Back motor kinda works, only one side of the track...
  2. DOC66

    For Sale  OEM Seats and Door Cards - TAN 2000 100 series

    Replaced all the seats and door cards in our 2000 Crusher. LF , RF , 60/40 Split Center, 50/50 3rd row fold away Jump seats. Tan - Leather - 8 person seating Heated front seats... Normal wear on the Front seat Bottoms. No Foam Damage - Front seat bottom leather has started to crack. All other...
  3. Rollinn

    Wanted  SoCal: Looking for FZJ80 Landcruiser Fender Flares, Front Seats (Tan), Rear factory bumper

    Hey all, I'm looking for the OE fender flares for a 97 Landcruiser with hardware as well as the Factory front seats for the same vehicle in Tan. And a factory rear bumper.. Call or Text (949) 767-7070 or email/DM me. Thanks Rob
  4. Putins4x4

    Dealer  Origami Leather Seats

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to start sourcing upholstery leather kits for Land Cruisers and after posting a few pictures of my products in a few websites and seeing the amount of interest, I decided to go all in and made a website to show and sell my leather kits. please visit...
  5. Ohanlon

    For Sale  FZJ75 1998 Troopy in Dom. Rep.

    This Troopy is beautifully unattainable in the USA til 2023, but for sale in Dominican Republic -- $25K US. The troopy (we called it "Gandalf") is in Santiago, DR. We are presently in NC, USA. will be in DR from Feb. 28 to March 18. I love this truck, would not sell it if we still lived in...
  6. RFB

    Corbeau Sport seats and brackets.

    So I had decent "custom" clothe or velour(ish) seats in the rig when I bought it. But I drive a lot. and my seat was getting me on the back of my knee on long hauls. So I statrted searching and fell onto recaros but the cost was serious like whole new suspenison serious, So I settled on leather...
  7. JLH911

    For Sale  1997 LX450 (FJ80) 3rd row seats

    3rd row leather seats in good condition (no visible) rips or tears. Tan in color. Came out of a 1997 LX450. Don't need them anymore! $140 obo for both. Local pickup in SoCal.
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