Basic model 80 question

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Sep 22, 2003
Hi everyone. I'm new to this board and new to TLC's as well. Had a Grand Cherokee and sold it to get something more capable. I’m in the market to get a model 80, between the years of 1995-97. Are there any differences in these model years? Can someone tell me the available options in these years? Mostly looking at options related to off road capability i.e. front or rear lock, etc...
Once I buy my LC, what other after market option should I add to make it great on snow/mud and dirt? Should I lift it and how much, what brand of kit should I use?
Thanks everyone in advance and sorry for the basic question but got to start somewhere.
Welcome. The 95-97 80 series I believe were identical if I remember, save some special addition packages in the 1997 year that mostly dealt with interior packages. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Now, the options that are most important it sound from you take are the lockers, no other cool options were given to us in the US. They either came with or without lockers; with lockers have both front and rear, I've never seen nor heard of just a rear option. I don't believe you could however get lockers without also getting leather interior (which stinks, but...)

You will want to go with an Old Man Emu `J' lift. Add some decent large tires of your choosing and you've got exactly what you have requested ::)
Helll Joseph and welcome to the 80s section!

The "diff-lock" option was available as a factory option from 93 to 97 on the US 80 series. The option was stand-alone and not tied to leather or any other option in most years. In 93-94 the diff locks required the ABS (rear disk brakes and FF rear axle) option.

Since you are new it would be best for you to do some reading here in the 80s section on ih8mud and read the newbie guide on the Slee Offroad site. Then you will have a better grasp of the 80 series for asking questions.


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