Backlash and Preload

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Nov 3, 2002
Does anyone have the specs for LC differential back lash and carrier bearing prelaod?

Randy's R&P data does not include LC and does not list anything for carrier bearing preload...

Lodi, CA
The Toyota manual has all the specs and the set up procedure.  Just going from memory, the backlash is .008 +/- .002 and the total preload with new bearings is 15-22 inch pounds.  I will check the specs when I get home.

1.  Set the pinion depth for proper gear contact pattern.
2. Set the pinion preload.  preload is 10-15 inch pounds.
3.  loosen ring gear side carrier adjuster, dial indicate off outer carrier race on ring gear side.  Turn pinion side adjuster until the race on the other side just begins to move.  This establishes the "zero preload" position.  
4.  Turn both adjusters equal amounts to set the backlash
5.  Tighten the pinion side adjuster an additional 1-1.5 "clicks" to add preload.  
6. Check overall preload.  

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