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Jan 30, 2005
Atascadero, CA
alright this is probably a stupid question but whatever. what back spacing should i have if i am running 33x12.5 tires? the cruiser has inch and a half shackle lift in teh front and thats it for modifications. right now i ahve some 33x10.5 and they rub when i turn sharp and get it twisting. i dont think they are the right back spacing. they came off a toyota truck and i dont have any spacers. any help would be good.

thank you. that helps. i think the rims i am putting on are 3.5. sinc ei cant afford new rims where is the best/cheapest place to get spacers?

Hi All:

For wheel spacers for Toyotas try "Marlin Crawler."

The factory bacespacing on a Land Cruiser of your era is 3.5 inch; many of the wheels used in North America on TLCs are actually Chevy/GMC wheels that have 4.0 inch backspacing, which is fine for the street but will rub off-road.

One can purchase white wagon wheels from Summit Racing 15X8 inch with 3.75 inch backspacing, ( Negative 19 ) for $136 for 4 wheels shipped to your door here in the USA! Ask me how I know this! ;)


thanks for the info. i would get new rims but its too late now. tires are already mounted and balanced and waiting to be picked up. hopefull it works out or im gonna have to run spacers.


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