Axle Breathers

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I have heard the 80 guys talk endlessly about axle breathers, so one day I decided to slide under the 40 on the creeper to check out mine. Well I had a hard time finding them cause they weren't there! The only hose traveling from axle to frame is the brake line. Also, at the t-piece where the single brake line is split, (I'm assuming where the breather attachment is) the axle is very wet all around. Also, 3 weeks ago, I took my 40 mild wheelin, water about floor deep, and mud about bottom of axle deep. And I am about to go again on thurs. I have got time on wed to do at least a provisional setup for this weekend. Whats involved and what do I need? Heard that the glove box is a common place to route too.
The 45's over here also have no extended breathers. They do have a crude one-way type valve, but in my experience these do not last. On my front axle the breather is actualy the centre bolt on the brake block. the rear was on it's own. I just ripped the one-way valve off and clamped a piece of pipe over the spigot that sticks out. I ran all the breathers up underneath the bonnet at the top of the firewall. Then just placed a cheap fuel filter on the end to stop dust & water getting in. Also to note is that there is a breather ontop of the transfer case, this also needs to be included.
Yep that brake block piece is where my axle is getting all wet, I guess thats where I need to figure out how to attach a breather tube. &nbsp:Did you use a t-piece to connect front and rear under the body and then just run one tube up the rest of the way?
Undo the bolt holding the brake bracket down, tou will see this is hollw. Also there are copper washers that seal it against the axle. Maybe you need to replace these. I pulled the one-way valve cap off the top of this bolt, and squeezed a pipe over this. The pipe runs alongside the brakepipe, and crosses over the transferbox. I put a t-piece there to allow the transfer box breather pipe to join the rear axle breather. I then led the pipe up the firewall till under the bonnet.

I copied this idea from my Land Rover Defender, it comes standard with this arrangement.
I drilled the center of the breathers out a bit and brazed in 1/4" brake line stubs with the tips flared to keep the hose from slipping off. I didn't feel the neck on the orig breather is quite long enough. Be sure to use an oil compatible hose. Fuel hose will work fine. You can use T peices to join the breather lines as you need. You can also use a bottle of some sort as an air reservoir under the hood if you plan on hitting any really deep water. Of course the engine needs some waterproofing first....
Check your axles and transfer case for water contamination!!
If you have had it in mud holes up to the floor boards you may have a bigger job ahead of you than you counted on!!
CruisinGA, I think you should drain and re-fill your diffs (or at least check the level).

If you have liquid leaking out the breather, it probably means water. When water gets sucked in the breather it will overfill the diff. If you take the filler plug out and fluid comes out then you know you sucked in water since when you fill the diff it only goes up to the bottom of the filler hole.

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