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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
I'm planning on upgrading the audio system on my 1993 FZJ80. The previous owner replaced the factory radio with a aftermarket head unit. Underneath the head unit is a plastic storage slot.
I want to install a double DIN sized audio video/navigation unit into the area where the present head unit and storage slot reside. Can a double DIN be installed there without major modification?
If anyone has dome this can you please post some pictures.
I've added a picture to how what's in there now.
I had a single din installed in my 97 in place of the double din. They put the same plastic storage slot on the bottom, so my guess is that it comes out quite easily.
Yes, The lower cubby is really just a usable spacer. Search here for "double din" or "2 din" installs and you will find the details. :D. I thought long and hard about going the 2din route, but like the single din alpine and cobra cb in the lower spot setup for what I use it for.
Double Din should fit great, The plastic tray is attached to the same bracket as the head unit held in the dash by four screws. Easy to remove. Search around on mud, I saw a while back someone installed a double din head unit.
Many have put the double din Scion head units in and seem to like them. A double din will fit perfectly. Hard to watch porn on a single din....
If you go to Crutchfield: LCD TV, Car Stereo, Home Theater, Speakers, Digital Cameras they'll ask you for your vehicle details and then give you all the single din and double din radios that will fit. I just purchased a single din Sony MEXBT3800U CD Receiver, some patch cable for my self powered sub, and their recommended installation package for the LX450 for less than $250. I just did it primarily for being able to hook up my iphone, but I got bluetooth capability too, which will be nice. It's a nice feature on our Sequoia my wife likes.

Here's mine, it's an Eclipse model double din. As you can see it fits perfect, but NEVER BUY AN ECLIPSE NAV! It was in the truck when I bought it and the maps are old and the only way to update it is too mail the entire unit to the factory pay 300 plus return shipping, wait 3 months and get it back with updated 2006 info (originallly 2004). They may have changed they're newer models but I wont buy anything from them.

That being said, having in dash nav is wonderful, I hate pulling out the window stick on unit and waiting 10 minutes for it to boot up in my other vehicles. Always on is great, and I would recommend Alpine, there is no better head unit hands down!
I would imagine most of the newer units have the ability to upgrade directly - the Clarion NX700 (the unit below) has the ability to upgrade the GPS maps via an SD card. All you have to do is get the maps off of the internet (Garmin/Navteq), download them onto the SD card, then stick it in the head unit.

My head unit did not require any modification of the dash whatsoever. However, when I was doing some research on past threads before my install, I remember reading a few that had to modify the dash to fit properly. I did not want to deal with cutting up the faceplate on my dash, so I was happy I did not have to resort to this process. My head unit has the ability to tilt in order to see the screen better, so that is what you see in the picture instead of it in the factory vertical position. It actually has about 8 different angles you can view from.



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Wow nice clean looking install, as is the rest of your interior.
That's the look I want..!!
double DIN will fit .. but it's tight behind it for cables and connectors ..

No doubt about that. It took some wizardry to get all of the cables I have hooked up to fit back there. I was able to position a few over to the left of the head unit which freed up some space behind it - still a tight fit though. I definitely had to do this for the video bypass module.
mmm635, do you have any additional thoughts on the GPS navigation for the NX700? Does the map go into very good detail? Have you ever driven on a paved road that the GPS didn't recognize? Has the GPS ever picked a strange route that you knew was a poorly chosen route? Does the navigation reroute if you get off course?
As others have stated most if not all double din units will fit without modification.


Kenwoods are a good option since they use garmin navigation.

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