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Nov 24, 2020
Atlanta, Georgia
Vehicle Model
  1. 4Runner
30084 Atlanta Georgia, United States
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Selling my 4runner to upgrade to LX470.

2000 Toyota Limited 2WD 4runner 3.4l v6 5 speed automatic transmission asking $4,500 or best offer
Color: Imperial Jade/Topaz (dark green and gold)

227,851+ Miles

I’ve used this car as my daily driver for a while and have never had any problems. Any maintenance I have done has been preventative to keep it running smoothly. The original engine runs well, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The AC and heater work flawlessly during summer and winter. Well maintained by previous owners and by me.

In the time I owned the car I have taken it off road once for about two (2) hours (see pictures). I took it through one very shallow water crossing, and it performed admirably. It is not an overlanding car by any stretch of the imagination unless you want to do a 4WD swap out. It would make a nice overlanding rig if you have the time, money, and skill to do a swap like that.

Maintenance (all in last 2K miles unless noted)
  • Timing belt, water pump replaced May 8th, 2017 (202K miles)
  • Front brake pads and rotors replaced (Brembo rotors)
  • Rear brake shoes replaced
  • Replaced heater control valve (plastic had deteriorated)
  • New windshield
  • Cleaned sunroof drains
  • Bought new OEM shocks/struts for front and rear (not yet installed)
  • Replaced headlight lamps
  • Replaced every light bulb in the car (besides dash lights)
  • Fixed rear wiper motor
  • Installed WeatherTech laser-measured floor mats (1st and 2nd rows)
  • Reupholstered center console
  • Flushed/bled/refilled brake fluid system
  • Last oil change at 224,000 miles (due for one soon)
  • Replaced air filter

  • Sunroof does not open
  • Clock does not work (I’ve rarely seen one that still does)
  • Rear door paint has lost its sheen
  • Steering wheel leather breaking (temporary fix with electrical tape)
  • Paint on front and rear bumpers has seen better days (see pictures)
  • Automatically extending antenna no longer extends (still extends manually)

  • All electrical systems in working condition
  • All mechanical systems in working condition
  • AC runs cold and well (includes rear seats AC fan)
  • Driver’s seat leather replaced on seat cushion
  • Three total owners (I know the previous two personally)
  • I’ve kept the interior very clean
  • No prior accidents, floods, or damage besides age
  • All fluids at nominal levels
  • Rear window raises and lowers
  • No rust

  • Electric front seats and rearview mirrors
  • Owner’s manual
  • Rollback privacy shield for trunk
  • Compass in mirror
  • Tire tool kits (2x)
  • Jacks (2x)
  • Michelin tires and spare
  • Towing package (and lights)
  • Custom MOLLE storage panel (see pictures) as well as original panel
  • Added “raptor” LEDs to grille (wired to corner lights)
  • Added a hood protector (easily cleaned and removable)
  • TRD white and red racing stripes on hood protector and rear spoiler
  • Factory fog lights
  • Running boards (I removed them but will put them back on for free)
PDF of this info is available.

Patch and the Runner-12_5MB.png
Patch and the Runner-16_5MB.png
Patch and the Runner-24_4MB.png
Patch and the Runner-22_4MB.png


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