ARB Fridge Issue

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Feb 10, 2002
Canton, Mississippi
My 12v is not working on my ARB fridge.

The themo fuse is working, the light is on in the plug. When you plug it in, there is power to the fridge, all the way to the switch.

I thought the fridge was dead.

Got home, plugged in the 110 plug and is came right on.

Now I am stumped.

Any clues?
Going from memory here Nolan, truck is at home- check both fuses - I think there are two there?
Just walked out and checked. There's only one 10amp fuse.

The auto switcher must be dead. Call ARB Seattle and see if there's a hard reset inside the case?

EDIT: Second fuse on the cig plug.
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Here's an old troubleshooting guide for the Tek II series fridges. I bet it is similar to what you have. There is a section on troubleshooting the fridge if the DC doesn't work, but the AC does.
I have had a few issues with my ARB fridge in lower voltage situations. I was trying a few experiments with different lengths of extension cord (which proved pretty much fruitless in the end), but they led to issues like the error light coming on right away, and the compressor cycling endlessly and not being able to hold a temp. Sounds like you have bigger issues if it won't even power on, but possibly one thing to check -- i.e. try hooking it up as close to the battery as possible to determine whether its your fridge or wiring in between that may be at fault.

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