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Jun 19, 2020
Hello all! Thank you to everyone that helped out with questions regarding my initial road bump while prepping the FJ for an ARB install.
I've run into a second issue and figured I'd ask around to avoid further swearing and headaches.

I have a second gen ARB bumper and bought a Smittybilt X20 10k winch. My main concern is where to mount the solenoid and if people have experiences with the same or similar size winches. The winch has to be mounted foot-forward but oddly enough, even if I clock the motor, the frame of the winch doesn't have the holes needed to mount the solenoid vertically. Has anyone mounted same/similar winch and had any issues mounting the solenoid in towards the grill ie. on top of the carry handle/on top of motor? And lastly, the fairlead and the bottom two feet share a hole and the bolt provided is far too short. Is it common to just buy a longer stainless steel bolt and share the hole?

Now that my barrage of questions is over, I wanted to express how truly grateful I am for having found this community. Thank you all in advance!
Oct 15, 2017
Ontario - Canada
If you’re comfortable with wiring, the solenoids don’t need to be on the winch. You could put them under the hood - just make sure you use a thick gauge wire to the winch.

there was someone hear that posted photos of converting an ARB to foot down. It was a lot of work from what I recall.

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