Aqualu flip-up hatch

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Mar 1, 2007
I am looking to replace my ambulance doors with a tailgate and flip-up hatch from aqualu. Has anybody baught a flip-up hatch from Aqualu and are you happy with the way it fit, looks, etc. As well, if anybody has any pictures of how it looks on the vehicle that would be great.

Check out for lots of pictures in their restorations area. I have one, but it is going on an Aqualu tub, not mounted yet, but I think it will look great. Quality piece overall, but I opted to drill out all the pop rivets holding on the piano hinge for the flip top and buck some real rivets that were countersunk flush (then linex over.) I think it makes for a nicer overall finish, and wish they would do it as a standard practice for the hinge and latches. HTH!
i have 75 that i want to do the same thing please send pics,,, thanks cub
My biggest gripe with the Aqualu lift hatch and the tailgate itself is the way they have a latch on each side. It takes two hands to open the top and the bottom. When your hands are full this is a PITA.

Here's a question... is there a way to convert an ambulance-door hardtop to use a liftgate instead?

The BJ42 I just bought has a 1980-ish top, but I'd really rather have a tailgate and hatch. Better visibility out the back, for one thing.
You can switch they doors for a hatch. The hatch has a slightly different panel attached betwenn the top sides. I'm sure the amby style could work too. I would think you be drilling some holes for bolts and hinges. Others have done it.
I bought the flip up Hatch along with my Aqualu tub and I think it looks and works well. I had teh inner side of teh hatch sprayed with Line-x to match the rest of teh tub.

see pics...:banana:

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