Anyone running the TRD Trail/Off Road 7.5" wheels on a stock GX470?

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Aug 30, 2020
Seattle, WA
Hey all, I picked up a good deal on a wheel/tire combo locally that were take-offs from a new 2020 "TRD Off-Road" trim 4Runner. I apparently didn't do all of my homework because after some post purchase research I'm feeling less confident these guys are going to fit as expected. The wheels are 7.5" wide, whereas I expected them to be 7". I did a quick glance at time of sale but it's stamped as: "17x7 ... 1/2". Apparently I stopped reading after 17x7. Also it looks like the offset could be quite a bit different on these 7.5"s but I'm still trying to confirm. I assume the part number must be stamped somewhere (?) but I did't see it immediately.

All of this could be relatively moot if anyone here is running this wheel/tire size without issue... tires are 265/70




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OEM is 17x75 also.
+25 mm OEM Offset and this are +15

It will fit fine. Might rub a bit depending on your alignment. Worst you have to do it trim a bit of running board and move the fender liner forward.
Thanks @Jstawgn, that's super helpful. I was trying to find details on the original wheels and coming up empty.

With these being 7.5" and the TRD Pro wheels at 7" I'm surprised there seems to be so many people making that switch. The guy I bought these from included.
Yeah @Sgn2bapt? That's good to hear. Actually haven't seen one yet. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I get them on.

Still wanting to find a TRD or even Lexus center cap that would fit but so far can't confirm any will






Stolen from GXOR Facebook page
Nice, I'm not on FB but I heard there's a lot of good info over there. They need to migrate it this way.

I'll post up a pic of mine tomorrow
I think that these wheels are the best wheels ever. I am running stock suspension with stock tire size for a 2020 4runner but with falken wild peak AT3s and so far have been unstoppable off-road. I do have some slight rubbing at full lock at ”high” speed. But i have 188k with stock suspension that is pro sagging a bit.

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