Anyone looking for a hard top?

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Jun 2, 2009
I thought I would post this in here in case any of you local guys are looking. I just took the top off my 74 40 and I probably will not put it back on. I'm considering selling it, but I'm on the fence. If I keep it, I've got to put a hoist up in the garage. I may just want to buy a soft top for it this winter. Anyway, it is in pretty good shape. A little bit of rust, but not bad. The gutter could use some work and it looks like it's been painted 2-3 times over the years. Right now it is red. Has all glass and the hatch is there and works good (even the arms hold pretty well). Would need new seals for the hatch and where the top hits the tub. I will try to get some good pics this weekend, but here are a couple on the rig:



I'm in Hillsborough if anyone wants to see it in person. Whoever buys it will need to pick it up. It is off in one piece. Would make a great top for restoration, as it would need minimal work I believe. I'm thinking $600, but am open for discussion. PM me if interested.
You will regret getting rid of it, once it is gone!

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