Anyone have or installed a Gozzard tub??

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May I have another!!!
Mar 29, 2003
Northern Minnesota
Hello group,

Wondering if anyone on the group (and I think there are a few) have or installed a Gozzard fiberglass tub? After 4 months on order I finally got mine last Monday. Needless to say I am very impressed with the quality and integrity of his tubs. I am extremely suprised with attention to detail for fiberglass.

I'm not quite ready to really tear into it yet, but I would possibly like to have some other contacts of people who have installed the same tub. I think I'm going to have a few questions once I get going on it? If you have a gozzard tub, or have installed one and are willing to put up with a few questions over the next few months please shoot me an email at > < I would sure appreciate it :)

If your interested I have a couple photos of it sitting on my frame that were taken 2 days ago. The first link shoud take you there, if not click on the second link, goto Matt's Cruiser, and then photo page 3.

Thanks, Matt
Hi Matt
I have a Gozzard tub I'm getting ready to install on mine. I can't really help with any install questions because I don't have mine on yet but would like to keep in touch through out my project and yours. I do know of a guy that has installed one and 4x4 Connection formly Land Cruiser Connection is in my home town and they have done some in the past. So feel free to e-mail me or P.M me.

i thought only gozzard could install his tubs to make sure they where done right? or did he change his policy
He must have changed his policy if that was the case. I dealt with Mike Gozzard directly and nothing was ever mentioned about that. On his tubs there is a very large sticker installed that says, "for off road use only". I would think he's covering his ass just for the fact it's not DOT approved.

I would imagine he's selling more tubs if he doesn't have just a couple people doing it.

yo i've done 2 tubs they are not as hard as you may think,but it will take you a lot of time and effort to do it rite
picked one up from Mike a couple months ago...nice guy. Anyhow, he gave me a design sketch for the mounting bracket you have to fabricate and some pointers. Let me know if your interested.
Hi Yo Han,

Yes I am interested!! I just happened to email Mike Gozzard 4 days ago about mounting. I had some ideas myself, but wanted to run them past him. I asked him if there was any paperwork, instructions or helpfull hints that came with the tub, or were supposed to come with? He said there should have been, I think mine got ripped off in shipping, I have nothing.

Anyway, he said he would get back to me next week, he was going to the Newport, RI boat show at the time. I would love to see what you have now ASAP, getting kinda excited to start on it again for the winter months. If you could email me, I would gladly email or call you with my fax number.

My email address > <

Thanks, Matt
Hey Matt,

I can definately send you a copy, the earliest would be Monday b4 I can fax them to you. I'm currently on the raod and will not be back home till then. I know he said he also has a drawing for the body mountings, but I did not get a copy of that...believe he said he had a softcopy of it so he might be able to email you that.

I plan on mounting my in a month or so, we outta keep in touch maybe we can learn from each others finding and/or mistakes:)

Have a good weekend!

If i endup brainfarting on it you can email me at

Yo Han
Hey Yo Han,

I'd like to see them also I have some simple instructions that came with mine. If they are not the same as what you have I'd be glad to share what I have also. I've been in touch with Matt and think it would great for the 3 of us to help each other though the process.

Shoot me a e-mail

Burl Alfred
Howdy fellaz,
Will scan the shetch I got and email y'all it tonight :D
Sorry for the delay ....i've been slackin ::)

Yo Han

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