Anyone have 2 Openable/Closable dash vents they'd sell?

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Dec 28, 2012
Front Range
How many of the 4 circular dash vents are openable/closable??


I put closeable registers in all of them. The mid two are normally not closeable.
Decades ago I was having problems with engine running hot and I noticed that if I turned on the cabin heater to hot and fan full blast, the engine would cool a bit more.

But doing that when it’s hot outside is brutal inside—-
So I got two new closeable air registers and popped them in the center and shut off all registers except the passenger.
Then when engine would get hot, I’d roll down the passenger front window, shut all the registers except the passenger side, aim it out the open window- and turn the heater on full blast.
Helped a lot and I didn’t get scorched inside.
thanks gonna replace the 2 center 1s so they can close too...
Just turn the vent sideways and reach in and pull it out. No need to disassemble the dash. May want to lubricate the bezel around the edge so they don't crack. Then just shove the closeable vents in.
my dash is alrdy apart anyway...arent they bolted in the back???

Thanks Guys:flipoff2:
anyone have 2 of these?


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