Events/Trails Anybody interested in wheeling this weekend ? preferably on Sunday

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Jan 4, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA and Fountain Hills, AZ
post up or send a PM and we'll come up with possible trail ideas that accommodate to the vehicle(s) you want to bring
the plan is to meet at 10am at the rest area in Superior (coordinates to follow), and run Walnut Canyon - if possible, cross the river and come out on Florence-Kelvin Highway

we ran this trail last year with several stock vehicles, but since the rains over the summer, conditions could have changed - which is one of the reasons we want to check it out

so far, 4 rigs are going

send a PM if you want to join so we make sure to wait for you at the meeting point

I am currently camped here on the Montana Mountain trail, which is no longer the easy leisurely drive up. It’s in pretty rough (awesome) shape. I made it to the top last night but my buddies Tundra didn’t. We ended up turning around and camping here:


I don’t know how much worse the other side is but it used to be the bad side. If this area is any indication, my guess is conditions everywhere around Superior have changed.

For now, Montana Mountain is a lot more fun than it was but it got sketchy a few times in the dark.

I don’t think I’ll make it to Walnut, but if you end up cruising through here let me know. I’ll be on 146.460.
thanks for the heads-up on conditions - good luck with getting out :steer:
what a great day today - weather was perfect

with a 200 having signed up, the choice was to check out Walnut Canyon

turns out summer rains have washed away even more of the sand and silt, so rockier it has become, particularly in the washes

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the USGS Water Resources site showed relatively low water flow for the Gila River this morning, so we were hopeful for the possibility of crossing - which was kinda confirmed by a group of 2 GXs, a 4Runner, and a Jeep who had come from the other side

nevertheless, Michael walked the river at several potential lines, and this revealed the line ultimately taken by the 200 to be in the shallowest parts of the river - which was close to 2 feet deep further on the right side of the pic


as you cannot see so well in this pic, the embankment on the destination side was quite steep, but what you can see is that it was muddy as MUD, so we didn't know how well a heavy truck would get up :hillbilly:

turned out that the steepness and slimeyness combined together somehow squared all the trucks into the perfect direction to climb right up :D :steer:
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here's my group pic:

IMG_4476 2.jpg

Dimitri (mostly) and Christine were the pilots of the 200, Sue drove Kevin's truck, and most of you know Michael's Blazer and me in the 80

I had a blast :steer:
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the good news is that a lot of the vegetation damaged by the big fires is starting to grow back, but there were also quite a few Saguaros that had toppled over :frown:

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