Any machine shop experts in here?

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Jun 19, 2003
Nowhere Nebraska
Well, I stopped by the shop this morning, and I could have picked up my motor tonight, but they where trying to grind the crank last night and they had trouble getting the mains to grind true (.010") Well, they put it in the V-blocks on the outer mains and just by pushing on the center counter weight they could make it bend .040" These guys build dirt track motors that go all over the country, but they are the first to admit they don't know squat about a 2f. Anyone know alot about L6 toyota cranks that can verify or disprove their thoery of a cracked crank?
Well I will say this...any good shop would have mangnifluxed the crank and found any cracks before even chucking the crank up. They also should have placed in v-blocks to determine how much was needed to clean up (journal out of round), and also straightness of the crank. Sounds to me like they chucked it up in the grinder and started away before any initial checking.

Personally sounds strange to me, even with a crack I just can't see being able to push (with hand pressure) 0.040" unless it was a huge crack and the crank was ready to split.

All that being said I would get a different crank and take it to a reputable shop, look for one that can grind tractor cranks they will be more suited to grinding the longer straight six stuff.

One quick test for cracks in a cranks is when you set up right on floor they usually make a ring sound when no cracks are present. If you hear more of a thud, its cracked. Still should be magnifluxed before grind to be sure.
He found a recon with warranty for $135, I'm going to call him in the morning and have him order it. I looked in the MAF website, $275 for the same thing, yikes!
By the way, I put a "0" in the wrong place, it was supposed to be .004" bend, my mistake....that is a big difference.
Any F or 2F crank will fit. if you can get a bend in it then I would not fool anymore with it. $135 ready to go is a great price.

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