Antenna Mount Issue

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Sep 28, 2020
All -- have searched previous threads on this without luck. My antenna mount went missing somehow, so I ordered the rubber exterior housing/mount and the silver nut that sits on top from factory. Two questions:

1) most importantly, I seem to be missing the black inner housing/seal that sits between the antenna shaft and the silver nut. Reference picture of a white Cruiser, red circle around the part in question below. There is a relatively noticeable gap now which didn't exist before. Second picture of my current set up with my green Cruiser. What part is that? Ok to leave open to elements? Seems ill-advised for water collection in the panel/rust issues.
2) what's the best way to adhere the rubber mount to the body? The silver nut doesn't really screw in or secure the exterior mount (or antenna per above), just rests on top really.

Thanks very much for any insights here.

Reference part in red:



My antenna.JPG
Thanks. Can you share? Didn't see one on the site.
Bumping this up to see if anyone has insight on this issue. Thanks.

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