Another pig song

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Aug 16, 2016
Fulton, Missouri
I’ve been working on a music video, but not having enough time or smarts to finish it yet. Nice weather, actually working on a pig instead of daydreaming. Remember Pink Floyd’s Money? That is where these new lyrics will go when done. Until then, listen to the original, then replace with my lyrics.

Money, it’s a Pig.

Buy it, drive it, take it out to play.

Piggy’s, from the past

Save them, build them,try to make them last.

New parts, old parts, always chasing the dream.

Maybe I’ll even paint it green.

Piggy’s get back,

I’m alright as long as I have a big parts stash.

Piggy’s, they’re a hit,

Just don’t go and make a trailer queen of it.

We’re in the high fidelity, first class, traveling set.

And I think I need another, just not yet.

Piggy’s love the grime.

Muddy, snowy, they all love to climb.

Piggy’s so they say,

Are the root of all our fun today.

But if you need OEM parts, then it’s no real surprise that

They’ve all gone away, away, away.

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