Alvins cleaning the garage again.


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Feb 22, 2005
The Old Pueblo
Well, I'm cleaning up the garage. For various reasons I am selling these various items. ALL of them are good items, I just no longer need/want them or have gone another direction.

2 Kermit chairs with cupholders. Only used on 2 weekend trips. These are high quality chairs, but honestly, I'm 6'2" 270 and they are just not big enough for me. We're keeping 1 for my daughter and selling 2. $100 each with cupholder. ***SOLD*** payment pending

6 4Plus shock adapters from Man-A-Fre. Never used or installed. These are for adapting from pin to eye shocks. For an 80 series cruiser you need 6. Prefer to sell all 6 at once but will part. $13 each or $70 for all.
MAF 4+Plus Shock Adapter

1 set of OME 421 rear springs for 80 series cruiser (or custom applications) These have about 50 miles on them and no wheeling trips. They are a 3" lift spring and heavier rate than OME heavies $165 for the pair.
Cruiser Outfitters for spring rates

1 Super QuickFist. Never opened, wrong size. $7 ***SOLD***Payment pending

1 80 series tow hitch. Has some trail love, but is intact and solid. No mounting bolts. No shipping, $30 if you pick up or if we work something out.

Pics are posted here Alvins cleaning the garage - Expedition Portal Forums

All items plus shipping, except the tow hitch.
Will accept Paypal, but not prefered. They take a percentage of the sale. Check and cash are prefered.
Send PM or email to maddbaggins at mac dot com
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