Almost impossible to turn off 3B - help needed

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Apr 2, 2007
Heart of the Alaska Range
I have a near-impossible time killing the 3B with the so-called choke pull. It's a new cable - no out of the ordinary friction inside the cable - so I don't know if it's the round-Robin-Hood's-Barn voyage the cable takes, or something else. So:

1) is there a non-cable rod linkage that can work for a 3B? or

2) is there way to shut off the engine other than the "choke"?

I absolutely think my wife would not be able to shut off this engine. It's all I can do to kill it.
That was informative, Rudi, and thank you, but I think it will not help me.

I wonder if there is something backwards in my engine: the cable has to pull forwards to kill, thus it loops first forward before running backward through the firewall. Are all 3Bs set up in that fashion?

Separately: is there not any other way to shut off these engines?
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Hi Alaska,

OK, Mine is a B and yours a 3B but the system is the same. Kill the fuel supply by a cable or by a motor. If all the bends and corners are good (no sharp angels) and greased, you don't need much force to pull the knob.
Is your engine rebuild from an EDIC sytem to a manual pull knob?
Sounds to me that the 3B came with the EDIC system.
The EDIC system is a little motor that push/pull a lever to open/close the fuel supply. It's controlled by the IGN key.

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I went Uber high tech on my present 3b shut down.

1- fasten small pulley to battery box
2- tie a bit of string to inj pump lever.
3- run string through pulley, back through dash.
4- Tie knot in end of string
5- Pull it.

Took about 5 minutes, I'd intended it to be temporary, but it works so damn flawlessly that I can't see any reason to change it....:lol:

String is a bit of an understatement, it's actually 1/4" amsteel because I have miles of it...

Today I had had ENOUGH. So -

pulled the cable and ran it so the forwardmost site is between the left battery's holddown bolt and the battery, then straight to the EDIC control. A strategically located ziptie remoes the off-chance that the cable might somehow kiss a battery post - not good - and we're done. Even my wife can kill the engine with just two fingers opposed to before, when it was both my arms with one foot against the dash to try to pull the control.

As was the case for seapotato, it took me five minutes. Yay!

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