All in 200 series build cost - and best mod!

What's your best guess for your mods to date? And total mods when your build is done?

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Feb 17, 2018
The Emerald City
So I was thinking, I may have gone over my initial build budget a bit . . . in the service of future builders, poll in with your initial and final build costs . . . and add in the thread what your best mod (and full cost to implement it) has been.
4.88s - $4k including a rear elocker
Damn brave to put this out on a public forum. Good thing my wife isn't on Mud LOL!

Favorite mod is between the 4.88's and the LRA... and maybe the lockers. I am done at this point though. Working on the 80 now. God help me!
I will never be "done".

I owned my last truck for 16 years, touched every single nut and bolt, total rebuild. I still wasn't done when I finally sold it.

My 2 favorite mods SO FAR are the ARB drawers and the SmartTap turn signal flasher. But I have a long list.
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You should add a category for people who don't have a budget at all! I think we should see receipts too! Just make sure to set the security on this thread to disallow wives and financial advisers from being able to click on it! 🤣
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You should add a category for people who don't have a budget at all! I think we should see receipts too! Just make sure to set the security on this thread to disallow wives and financial advisers from being able to click on it! 🤣
Security updated. Only those who have build clearance can now read and post.
I've got >$25k in mods into mine and I'm totally happy. The rig is pretty much "completely" built, has done some epic trips, and only has 36k miles on it. I've got many more years to use it. It's f***ing awesome!

I could not name a best mod. The Slee rear bumper is great, as is the Trek box, and the suspension, the HAM install, the Gamiviti rack, the dual batteries, the fridge... it goes on and on.
Haven't had my Cruiser for very long but...

Favorite mod so far - Toughdog suspension lift. Total cost to buy/install = $2000. I'm very happy with it.
Next favorite - a good set of aggressive all terrains in a size larger than stock. Total cost was just under $1k iirc. These combined with the lift have probably made the most impact both visually and functionally of any mod that I could ever do. Super happy with both.

Calculated a total on currently planned future mods - Rear swing out bumper, roof rack, installation of LRA tank (already paid for tank), winch and hidden winch mount and possibly a total body wrap.... I will probably spend another $7-10k on it before I feel like it's pretty close to done. So far ever penny I've spent on it has been more than worth it.
Best mod:
for the 200 it no question - 4.88's / lockers
for the 80 probably going to be the Turbo once @NLXTACY ships me mine

200 80 IMG_1542.jpg
  • Do you could mods that you needed to do anyway (i.e. A/T tires if the factory ones were shot)? Fully or just the difference?
  • What about the above for bumpers when the insurance company pays for accident damage? What if it was your fault? What if it wasn't an accident but was trail damage?
  • Do you claim credits for selling your old stuff (roof rack, cross bars, running boards?)
  • Parts + labor? Do you count your time?
  • Does anyone actually care? :cool:
I figure I'm in about 8 grand for parts, give or take, with another 8 grand down the road for gears and a rear bumper.
I'm right over $3k in mods for my 200-series which is pretty good for me as I'm usually 10-20k into mods for my toys. It is the family vehicle after all.

Most of my modding dollars these days goes into the Airstream for which I'm definitely well past $10k in. But it's along for the ride with the LX, with most of the trips we go on.

Most bestest mod? Tough one. It's between the 33" AT tires or the LRA subtank.
This right here! Just a bunch of ego stroking in this thread IMO. The only appropriate answer here is "too much".
I meant "does anyone actually care about the technicalities" :p But I agree the answer is always "too much".
I suppose there is a cynical interpretation here. Potentially around a bunch of people of means spending as much as a Miata on a ratio change. Wasn’t thinking of going down that particular rabbit hole.

I’ve found it interesting the broad range of build costs, and frankly the number of ‘mega’ builds on the board.

Some impressive and creative work here making a class leading vehicle even more amazing.
The data above is hard to interpret, no? The question asks for mods to date + total expected mods all in one question - how do you decipher between the two?

And hey technicalities are good @linuxgod. I think we'll see both ends of the spectrum, people who don't want to admit (to themselves? haha) how much they've spent and conveniently forget to include things, or those that count every nut and bolt.

I have kept a fairly accurate list of both mods (including things like air compressor, recovery gear, etc..) as well as complete maintenance records so my costs are pretty close. Have owned the truck for just over 3 years and put 36k miles on it, haven't done any mods over the past 2 years. I'm sure I'm off on a few things here and there but in summary:

Truck purchase - $46,500
"Mods": $7,871 (detailed list here: 2013 - Land Cruiser Project)
Maintenance/Misc parts: $1,135

Future mods list shows: $14k but that's really way up in the air and have no current interest in pulling the trigger on a lot of the stuff that I'd "like" to have. Next mods will most likely be some custom "drawers" that incorporate (2) Dometic CD-30 drawer fridges + some storage + OBW, planning all this out now.

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