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Wheel. Break. Fix. Repeat.
Mar 20, 2009
Harrisonville, MO
I’m in the PNW right on the border of BC and Washington. We bought ours on the BC side and it is usually way more expensive here, but our truck listed at $37k. Is the JBL stereo standard with the premium package? I wasn’t able to sit in one as they didn’t have any local to me. We had a basic SR5 for a few days as a service loaner last year so just ordered based on what we like in a truck instead of going to sit in and drive them. We ordered a Silver Sky Metalic, but the dealer that had the only one in BC wouldn’t give it up. Pricks! So we ended up with white. I’m good with that as it’s the easiest color to polish bush scratches out of or touch up paint. I’m a realist. It’s going to get dinged at some point. I just hope the wife does the first one!
It’s standard in the TRD Premium packages for the double cab.

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