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Jan 17, 2007
I have searched a few times for an answer to this:

Can two add a leaves be added to the same spring pack on the rear of an FJ60?

If so what is required? I am assuming longer center pins and longer u-bolts.

I use this 60 to tow a trailer and lots of gear packed into it, has stock tires now (but will soon have 31" tires) and flat springs all around. Will use add-a-leaf on all 4 spring packs with new bushings, pins, etc.

Thanks for the help.
I think you can add as many leaves as you wish. Tire load rating might be something to pay attention to. Longer spring pin, and new (longer) ubolts, and off you go.
Toss them on there and go for it (same width right?). Just make sure you dont over do your shocks and replace the king bolt as well as the u-bolts.
Have fun! :cheers:
Gonna make that ride rough.
General AAL rule:
Longer AAL springs = better ride/more flex/less lift:rolleyes: .
Shorter AAL springs = HARD ride/less flex/more lift:mad: .

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