A famous LV. Where could it be?

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Feb 19, 2008
Laguna Niguel, Calif.
I spotted these photos in Earl Stanley Gardner's book "Off the Beaten Track in Baja" published in 1967. Sadly in the book he only mentions the "Toyota station wagon" once and fawns over the "new Ford Bronko" a couple of times. The book is full of photos and so few of the LV I would speculate it was the photographer's ride on this expedition. It would be exciting to develop a line on that truck and acquire it. I have recollection though of an old photo of a relic LV beside a Baja dirt road. It was in one of the early black and white Toyota trails or one of the 4WD Mags. That old hulk is more than likely it and now belongs to the ages.

For more about who the owner of this truck was. Check this out.



I saved a pic that most be from that same expedition. I will jave to look when I get home.
Love vintage photos
That is Cool!
Pre-beadlock days! Look how wide those wheels are!
I have a book I will dig out on Baja as well. I believe its "Camping in Baja" or something like that. Some cruiser pictures in it as well.
Also, the LV must be a transition year. No eyebrow over the windshield (later model) but also does not have a gas door like the later models.
Not to hijack but here is the book I mentioned. For some reason I thought there were cruiser pictures but I couldn’t find any.
Here's the pic I had saved sometime ago. Looks like it's from that same book.

ESG w 45LV.jpg

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