A/C on hi doesn't work

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Apr 1, 2003
Has anyone encountered the A/C blower not working on hi when it is hot outside? It works on the first three settings and it will blow on hi when you don't need it :flipoff2:. Is there a relay somewhere that controls the blower motor?
looks like you have a major mechanical malfunction...

You should sell it to me at a huge discount :D

91s seem immune to your issue...never heard of it, but wanted to issue a rub anyway!
There is a blower resistor, however it is used only for the reduced speeds. Hi speed is straight 12 volts. There may be a problem in the heater control panel. IE the high speed switch.
Yea...I should sell it and buy a G500 but there is no web site for those owners. The only support they have are service advisors.
I agree with H. Quit the Job, and move to a cooler climate. The Wasatch Front has been pretty cold lately. No more A/C needed for me until sometime around next April. :D
It is something I am in negotiations to do. :D

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