A/C installation on 95 4runner

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Jul 15, 2012
I just bought a 1992 4rnr, the engine had been recently replaced with a 1995 4rnr 5spd 3.0-liter V6 with no A/C. I have the A/C from the 92 and plan to install it. Are there any issues I may run into during the install? I think I'm up for the project, but where should I look to find instructions or a guide of some kind if I need one?

Also, I'm looking for project ideas. This will be a off road toy and a new hobby so I'm up for any suggestions to pass the time and make my 4rnr a beast!
Sell truck, buy truck with AC......

Yes, I know you have all the AC stuff off of the 92.... You're going to take half the truck apart, get nickle and dimed to death, and wonder if you have everything hooked up right....

If you really want to go for it, find someone with an AC truck, and use it as a guide... i don't know of any online write ups about installing AC. But that's not to say that there isn't one out there...

Welcome to Mud! :flipoff2:
Well I guess I always have the option of taking the doors off and using my redneck A/C. But, it'll give me something to mess with for a little bit even if I destroy it in the process.:cheers:
Some were made that way. A truck in the Colorado mountains doesn't need AC. Many of the field pickups around here in central IA didn't have AC until the later years when it was no longer an option not to have it. I've seen many pickups with power windows and no AC. Go figure. You'd think you would have to have AC to even get the power window option. Any ways most field trucks live their lives with the windows down. No need for AC.

It's kind of like the city folk get the trucks with fancy aluminum 17" wheels while the farmers get the trucks with steel 16" wheels. Why, farmers want compatibility with their trailers and implements so where practical they all use the same wheel and tire. Yeah, I have three pickups, a cattle trailer, a flat bed trailer, couple hay wagons, and some other implements that all use the same wheel and tire. When I bought both trailers one of the available options was Ford or GMC compatible wheels. When I got the pickups one of my requirements was 16" steel wheels with load range F tires. It's a standard requirement for many farmers so they often can be found that way on the lot. Once a tire looses enough tread, the tire and wheel get moved to a trailer. After awhile it gets moved to some other farm implement that also happens to use the same wheel and tire size.:hillbilly:
If I read the original post correctly, the 92 had AC but the replacement 95 donor engine vehicle did not. I therefore assume that he has everything either still in the 4Runner or in the garage and just needs to install the missing parts (from the 92) onto the 95 engine and make everything work.
Sorry for the confusion, the A/C in the 95 had some problems so I'm using the A/C from the 92. Haven't had a chance to look at it because I'm out of town but I wanted to plan for any issues before I started.

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