97 LX450 - would you, if so, for how much? (1 Viewer)

Jul 3, 2007
Engine is unique to cruiser. I just built one. Got engine kit from Northern Auto Parts out of Sioux City, IA for $600. Gasket kit from cnsautoparts on eBay. Cost me $1000 in parts/machine work to get it back together......
If it has Lockers......$3000
Without Lockers.......$1500
Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
I have heard of many heads warping as these have overheating issues. When I was looking at a rig with a blown motor, my plan was to find one with 150k miles, put a new head gasket on it while it was out. Replace rear main, maybe do a valve job and slap it in. Still cost $1k to get a used motor shipped in and do that, but another $1 or $2 if you pay someone to do all of it.

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