Builds Father, Son, and the Unholy UTE

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Oct 26, 2015
Lenexa, KS
Okay, to make a long story short, my dad bought a new 80 series for a steal of a deal, and convinced mom to make it my first car. We started work a couple days ago, and we found an ancient Mirage Model M alarm in the car. After 2 hours of work, I ripped that thing out of my car. I had to pry out all of the cable holders and stuff that made the alarm work on my car.


Well, we got it running last night, however, it sounds like there may be some major engine problems. Oil pressure gauge shows nothing. Time to do a little diagnosing.
I may have seen this rig before. Congrats.

Grabbed a set of Honda Prelude seats from the Pick n Pull.
here is Josh's plan.....

He did not care for the trayback, so he is wanting to have the look of the 80 carried back through the bed.

Think this......but add 6" to the cab and extend the frame 12".
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1433471048_342504.jpg
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1433471038_658698.jpg
I want one.
After we figure out how to build it experimenting with one for @7powernerd we can build one for me please.
Sharp little truck, I don't think I'd want a young driver in a shop stretched/none engineered/daily driver. Could be trouble. Good luck with the oil pressure
Reminder. When time comes to chop the top off, give a call. I'd like to get some info from it.
^^^ Looks like an overgrown Suzuki X90. I like it.
I believe it is officially started. Josh took a break from studying from finals, and we got the fuel filter changed, all the vacuum hoses we could get to, and other little fixes. Thanks @half k cruiser for talking me through what to look for.

The number one issue was the no oil pressure on the gauges. Finally diagnosed a bad wiring loom, swapped it out, strong oil pressure!!!!

I need to get a long test drive in, so calling for insurance tomorrow, and if all goes well, to the DMV.

Then during Christmas break cut this thing in half!!!!
Let the wild rumpus begin
Can I help cut it up? That would be a real blast whacking up a cruiser. Regular or extended cab. I like the extended. I'd even bring my own slitter!

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