'94 IFS Rebuild Questions

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Feb 14, 2008
On the farm
I need to rebuild the front end on my mini truck.

4x4 Deluxe Pickup, std cab, 22RE, IFS front end, 252k miles. Nothing done to the front suspension other than alignments. I recently added an ARB bull bar bumper and plan on changing the torsion bars and shocks. I'll likely go with OME for the torsion bar. Shock is undecided.

What parts commonly wear out?

How does one best check them?

I expect I should replace all the bushings. OEM or other?

The ball joints have always been kept well lubed so I may not need to replace them. How much slop calls for replacement?

Links to good writeups?
The idler arm is a pretty common failure. That fix is driveway work. Tie rod end work is pretty easy. The bushings can take more time.

The lower bushings get pressed out pretty easily but the torsion arm bushings were a PITA for me. My stock uppers were gone to the point where the arm would just rattle against the upper arm shaft. There was more work to do cleaning things up in a lathe.
It's just a potentially busy weekend with a press.

The FSM has a test for BJ's that requires a torque gauge. I just swap them when they "clunk" :D. I've been meaning to get Mr T BJ's but I've been using Napa's, 2 sets in this last year.

Before starting the bushing work check to see if the rubber boot on the anchor arm (thing with torsion hardware that joins torsion bar) is intact. If it is damaged the torsion bar can rust to the anchor arm. I found mine rusted on one side, had to ordere a new anchor arm.

The FSM shows front rubber boots too, mine were missing but I had no problems removing the torque arms. Those boots run $50 each :eek:. I got a CV cover and lobbed the top off, works fine so far :D.

The torsion hardware must be removed and it's ugly down there. New hardware is about $50 for both sides, it goes together a lot easier too.
i had an 84 std cab/and now a 85 4runner always solid axles i just recently fixed up a 91 ext cab for a friend and all i gotta say is IFS is a PITA....fire up the torch and get the dealer parts number on speeddial cause its gonna $u(k
I'll be sticking with the IFS due to it mainly being a farm DD.

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