91 steering issue and squeaky noise

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Oct 1, 2013
Kaneohe, HI
Hey guys

I apologize in advance if this has been covered but I searched quite a bit and can't really figure out what is going on.

About a week ago I noticed on my drive home from work that my steering felt really stiff and that when I would move the steering wheel it would stay wherever I moved it and not return to center. It almost felt like I had a flat tire. I pulled over and checked over everything and couldn't find anything visible.

Power steering pump has not made any kind of whine or noise. Fluid level is good and clean, and belt is tight enough. I can tell the power steering is working fine, the wheel is really not hard to turn, it just has no play whatsoever and will stick wherever I turn it. If I am parked, I can easily turn the wheel to lock both right and left with two fingers and it will return some. But if I turn from 12 to 3 o'clock or 12 to 9 o'clock it will stay out.

Yesterday I drove to work and noticed a vibrating squeaky sound coming from behind the steering wheel. I am assuming this is related.

Any ideas for me to check?

Here is an audio clip of the sound I am talking about. The low rumble is just the wind.


Thanks in advance
I forgot to mention that I have OME Springs and shocks that I installed about a year ago. I have driven about 7k miles since then and have had no issue.

Any help is really appreciated
I could not play the sound file.

If you suspect the knuckles, jack up the truck and disconnect the pitman arm (or some steering joint) and see if the wheels move easily back and forth to their stops. This would rule out knuckle and steering joint issues (be sure the knuckle studs are tight). With the wheels disconnected, I would start the truck and see how the steering feels as you cycle the wheel. Inspect the entire steering column and everything under the hood for dragging or obstructions on the steering input shaft. I suspect there isn't one sure-fire way to find this problem - you will have to isolate components and poke around to find it.
Do you have a steering damper? It is possible that it is failing.

Could also be a dry TRE or very dry or worn trunnion bearings.

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