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Sep 14, 2020
Pacifica, CA
How’s it going everyone! I have been lurking around and waiting for the day I would get a Land Cruiser and the time has come. My uncle has finally came to his senses gave my brother and I his beloved 80 series. He’s been recovering from a recent stroke and thought it was finally time for us to bring this back to life. My daily is a 3rd gen Tacoma and we‘re hoping to get the 80 ready for some trips.

We have a lot of plans for her but first things first get her running and reliable. My uncle did not spend too much time maintaining it.

Currently trying to deal with the no start issue, so searching this forum for all possible answers. We were able to get the rig over to my house and with work I didn’t drive or start it for a while. Since then it hasn’t started.

Looking forward to getting this build going and will be posting our progress here!

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