90 4Runner About to swap in LT1 have questions

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May 4, 2007
Aurora, CO
I just purchased a 1994 LT1 and will start the conversion into my 1990 4Runner soon. I had a couple of questions to the people that have already performed this swap.

Currently I have a SAS, Marlin Crawler, 5.29 ARBs

I've already been told that the torque will eat my R150F and to use the 700R4... I know there are mixed opinions on that topic but...

  1. I also recieved the 700r4 and plan on adapting that to the 23 spline crawl box I have... Any idea if the Toy t-case will handle the LT1?
  2. Has anyone used a 700R4 with 5.29's? I have a trailer, but not necessarily trying to make this a trailer queen.
  3. How does the Toy axles handle this power, do I need to look to upgrade axles, etc?
I appreciate any suggestions, and knowledge on this topic.
BTW: I'm new to the board!
Good question... I currently am running 35's but probably by the end of summer will have fit 38's. And I want to be able to build this so I can put my foot in it, though I am not a "power through it" wheeler.
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Hey just finished up on a similar prodject I ended up with a 4.3l and 4l60e tranny with 5.29 & 38's great combo It will be very tight fit for the LT1 motor you will have to move the core support unless you go with short water pump and thin electric fan good luck its a lot of work.

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