86 Toyota Truck A/C

Apr 2, 2003
My dad has an old 86 pickup around the house. I'm trying to talk him into giving up some of his parts :D

I have an A/C unit inside my cruiser, with hoses run through the firewall. Looks liek someone removed the under the hood parts. Just curious if the compresor and whatnot will fit and work in my cruiser.


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My '82 Cruiser uses a compressor from an '89 Acura Integra! The big issue will be mounting. You need to be able to tension the belt, the pulleys MUST line up properly and the hoses need to exit the compressor in the right direction. Any decent A/C shop can adapt your lines to the compressor so long as the have the fittings. I snagged about 2-3' of line from the wrecked Integra as well as the compressor to make sure I had the fittings and enough line to tie onto.

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