85 Chinook!

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May 9, 2011
1985 Toyota Chinook

I saw this chinook online.
I was wondering anything anyone knew about them. And if it was a smart buy.
I want to use it for Getting to town or work when its raining and I cant ride my 1980 cb125s motorcycle. As well as parking it behind a friends house and sleeping in it. I am a young adult and don't really care about poor sleeping conditons.

I don't know anything about chinooks. I know that older toyota trucks are some of the most dependable and reliable cars on the road.

Am I a fool? You tell me!

Thanks for any help.
It'll definitely be a project.
26 years isn't kind to a truck, and it will be worse to an RV. If you invest the time and money into it, it'll be a sweet ride.
If the truck side is worn, see if you can haggle the seller down for the price of the camper, and slap it onto a newer frame and drivetrain.
IIRC those things are based off the 4X2 frames, and won't have the toughness of the 4X4 gear.
check and see if there are maintenance records for the truck. Expect roughly a $500+ tune up for full fluids change, cap/rotor/plugs/wires, possible battery/alternator, ignition coil, fuel filter, air filter, up to 6 tires, etc etc etc, if you want to maximize power and MPGs.

The Toyotas that last are the ones that have been maintained the most (by someone who knew what they were doing). Find out when the timing chain was done last (if ever).

price looks like a steal, and like said above, this would be sweet to transfer to a 4x4 platform and I have seen a few like it.

check for any oil leaks...sometimes the worst thing a Toyota owner can do is not drive their Toyota enough.


P.S. the front clip is not '85, it would be '86 or later which may mean it was possibly wrecked?
BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I have an 1984 and love it to death. Sure mine is a little rough and needs a little work but hay if you camp, fish, hunt, you will love the :censor: out of it. It's not big but I may never sleep in a tent again. Great for one or two people, and not many campers will get 20+mpg. Mine gets 23mpg if I remember right.

It has a 4 cyl so I am guessing it is a 22r and sweet if a 22re. 5 speed is great option. Mine is 22re w/ 5 speed. Mine has no third gear, dented up front clip, but everythhing inside works. I have to upgrade the propaine filler nozel this year. I have use it as is for 3 years and would never look back. I paid a little more for mine.

These are fairly common in the 1970's versions but I have found them pretty rare in the 1980's.

Even if it needs some work it is way worth the asking price. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Here is a link to my project and build:

Unless it is a total peice of :censor: I would snatch that thing up tomarrow.

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