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Mar 24, 2007
Flagstaff, AZ
Hey Mud,

Been on here a little while and have worked on my truck too much now for her not to get any public attention. :cheers:

Picked up this truck early 2007 as a one owner truck, with 190,000mi, for $1000. Had been sitting for 5 years, 3 of which the truck was not even able to start. Towed home and after a bunch of months and a myriad of my own carburetor rebuilds, a Weber from MAF, professional carburetor rebuild, fuel tank stripping, seafoam, and fluid changes she is now my DD with a thousand problems yet admirable consistency.

The truck came with American Racing wheels, ConFerr roof rack, great glass, hand full new parts coming with (assuming) a 150k tune-up and replacement period, on the plus side. Not a bit of detrimental rust either, some surface rust but nothing more.

On the down side most of the interior was cracked or dried to powder in the Arizona heat, carpet was trashed with headliner, had small rear main leak (which it retains), suspension was worthless but drivable, and finally and most obviously wouldn't run.

Work since I've had her includes the aformentioned "everything" to get it running, mass cleaning and replacement of minor interior and exterior parts, replace door panels, Taiwannabe Aussie/Euro (I forget which style actually) mirrors, DIY headliner and carpet, OME front springs and Safari rears at 2.5", OME Nitrochargers with the stainless extended brake lines. One trip down to Tim Hills cruiser yard he led me onto a 4+plus rear bumper from The Kingdom which had it's tire carrier blasted off in a crash from the movie, he charged me $200. Basically the standard upgrade for these trucks. Literally everything done to this truck was done by me except one carburetor rebuild, the other five were by me, which explains why it still has a thousand problems, but I'm learning. Ideally this truck won't stay as is for long, but with 8 years of school ahead for Ph.D...

To get not so standard I am insisting on going the Kevin Rowland route. I will need the truck for expeditions in the future and I couldn't think of a better goal than his truck including diesel and all storage. I'm too original to build someone else's truck, mine will be much different, but some of those are staples no one should go without upgrading to, within reason.

For those of you better with a crayon than a pen, here are some pictures. I really enjoy where the paint is faded completely off in some areas, it's not the sun in the pictures, my paint reflects nothing... completely matte. :clap:

As I received it

My rats nest minus air cleaner

OEM Toyota mats I believe

Mud Original.JPG
Mud Interior.JPG

Mud Engine.JPG
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Not ROTW yet but I'm trying.

What say the experts who were at this point years ago?

Granted I have money for the soon to be crazy suggestions, what should I do next, shooting for an expedition ready vehicle?

I plan on taking at least one semester of school in Australia/NZ, what kinda s*** should I bring back?
nice lookin ride. love the yota floor mats
If you go to Australia, bring back Aussie Mirrors!

Nice Truck!

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