80 Series with Chevy Avalanche motor

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Dec 10, 2011
Norman, OK
Anyone know about this Cruiser. Saw it coming out of CVS and talked to the guy for a minute. Got one crappy cell phone pic, was in a hurry. The son is home with the stomach flu. The guy I talked to bought it off a guy who built it for his wife, but now they are divorcing so he sold it. Is running a motor out of a Chevy Avalanche. Very, very nice truck.
I stepped into an avalanche. It covered up my soul.
I love different things, and people trying to improve on things. The truck barely has a scratch on it, and has arb to the hilt. It's triple locked, and has a rear swing away tire carrier. One day this truck will be mine! She is running OME and 315's. I stared at her pic for 2 hours last night, my family thinks I'm CRAZY!
Not sure what's cool about a Toyota running a chevy motor. The truck looks nice from the outside though.

Power, economy, availability of parts, gen3/4 reliability, humongous aftermarket, weight savings, size, choice of transmission, etc

You know, just a couple trivial things.

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