Wanted 80 Series Stock Radio and Speakers 95-97

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I have one that I bought off of someone here for my 62 but went a different direction. I never installed it.

80 stereo 3.JPG

80 stereo_2.jpg

80 stereo.JPG
You don't want the stock speakers. After 20+ years the paper will be right on the edge of disintegration.
I currently play music in my ‘97 FZJ80 from my iPhone (compressed streaming signal) via a tape deck adapter (not helping) and I’m not happy with the sound quality. I’m planning to upgrade my head unit and speakers. Everything works. I’d be happy to sell them to you as soon as my new system is up and running, unless the last poster scared you off!
I a set of stock speakers. They're in great condition and I can have pictures later today.
I have this , it has a OEM ASSY round black plug input in back for AUX , I WILL fit the brackets of a FJ80 series

I have one out of a 95 great condition missing volume nob, i could probably get it to for 30-40$ and thats all shipping. Dont use factory speakers, search on mud for the pioneers that fit, they are like 30$ from amazon.

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