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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Chasing a PO758 code. Shift solenoid #2 fault on a 95 fzj with a343. Anyone with any experience with this one? Any input is appreciated.
EDIT::::: turned out to be a bad connection in park neutral position swithc in USPS forward portion of the trans. Removed and recleaned and shifting slow and flared as usual again. :D
Reading fsm AT-73 shows open or short in circuit (ecm or harness),ecm fail, or failed shift solenoid.

Limited functionality of current mud search shows VSS signal error and connector in harness above starter as possible causes as well.

Pulled each plug on trans and vss, cleaned with electronics cleaner and reinstalled with dialectic. Tcase VSS tested good. No change. ecm pins and ecm to trans plug pass test with 0 ohm readings. Trying to save solenoid valve for last because:

A) this occured immediately after applying engine degreaser to front axle and oil/trans pans so seems incredibly coincidental. Could the spray kill a sensor or connection?

B) IPOR skid has to come off and the hex bolt heads are no longer hex shaped :/

removing shift solenoid plug and shifting manually through gears should confirm selenoid valve fail. This info came from a 100 series thread but it mostly passed this test if you took it up to 40mph in first. Otherwise 2nd felt like OD

Only other random info:
i noticed is O2 harness dropped on front shaft and chaffed one of the blue shielded wires. And also this fault occured with front shaft out center locked and moderate/aggressive accel from drive into traffic. Not so much a 2-3 shift fail but goes 1 to o/d. Dont think these would be related. Read a post about a ground strap trans to frame. Loss of ground here could cause trans performance problems. I cant find one and did lose cruise for one drive cycle after a knock sensor replacement last week.

Whew. Sorry for the long post.
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