7Pin Mod question

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Nov 12, 2003
Truckee, CA
7Pin Mod question.. tricking the lockers with Cummins drivetrain

OK... i've searched a few different combinations, and can not find the answer to this. I have a 1994 80, factory lockers. Original drivetrain replaced by 4BT/700R4/splitcase. How do i trick the lockers? what signal does the locker ecu need to allow the lockers to engage? will the 7PIN mod help, if the transmission and xfer case are both gone?

help. lockerless.

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Anyone? I know the 7pin mod has been discussed, i think this is more involved. Anyone?
The pin 7 mod only affects the Centre Diff Lock. Since you don't have the Toyota centre diff, no need to do it.
right... but the locker ECU for front and rear lockers... wants some signal that it isn't getting; i think from the CDL.
Yeah, it would want to know that the CDL is locked before it allows you to lock front and rear. That isn't what Pin 7 does though. Cutting the Pin 7 wire only tricks the ECU into not automatically locking the centre diff when you shift into Low
I'm looking for a similar answer with the same engine/trans/tcase setup, but I'm wanting to use the cdl button to control the 700r4 lockup manualy. I thought that maybe doing the pin 7 mod would allow me to send power to the old factory connector for the cdl accuator motor and use it for the trans lockup power. If this works for me I don't see why it couldn't work to send 12v to front and rear lockers.
Just realised on mine the 91-92 should not need the pin 7 mod and should be able to send power to lockers, trans or whatever. You might be able to bypass the trans ecu to just send power to the lockers when the button is pressed.
i've been driving around a 4BT 80 with the later shifter, that has an OD button on the shifter. The OD button is connected to the torque-converter lock-up. I have to say... I don't like it much. I'm a pretty schmart person... and I know when to lock up and unlock the torque converter... but i'd much prefer to have painless wiring type kit that did it for me. the owner often forgets to unlock it, and when non-cruiserheads drive it, same thing. putting that button on the dash (CDL switch) would be a pita. that's just my opinion though.

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