For Sale 79 Bj40 with 13b for sale

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United States
Hey Mud,

I posted a while back then decided to keep her... well anyone a few things have come up and I need to repost her for sale. Anyway here is my 79 RHD Aussie Made Bj40 in California. First off she has never let me down and I have done quite a bit of work on her.

The Good:

13B engine... that is 10 B's more than she came with from the factory.
upgraded to Front disc brakes
Secure Lock box in the back in place of jump seats.
In the last few years I have done the following work:
New dual battery isolater
New rear drive shaft
new transfer case
New Clutch and flywheel
New thermostat
New springs
New Shocks
New driver side seat upholstery
new Masterbrake cylinder with brake upgrade.
Extra Birfields (New)
Extra Bumper (new)
All all drums and brakes
3 of the 4 old leaf springs and shackles and brackets
All glass in great condition
Full Float rear end
5K in recents for work done in oz before purchase.
extra fuel filters and assorted cruiser stuff.
I have bikini top with mounting bracket.
Yakama Roof Rack
RHD and fun to drive.
extra radiator hose
aussie trailer hitch
I replaced tie rods and tie rod ends.
22-25 MPG
Title in hand

The Bad
Passenger seat has rip
no headliner
need to replace left ambulance door spring latch in rear- part in hand
small spots with light rot. Nothing major
RHD and fun to drive- may not be some peoples taste but I like her.
non working Aussie CB-

I can put up pictures and videos tomorrow.

Asking 23K OBO. i have title in hand and she is currently registers in California... this is super difficult to do and will never have to be done again or smogged.

Just this one... evidently I am not good with bumping an old thread. Now I realize what you are talking about... no idea why it posted 3 times.
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